President's Message

As Owner and President I Terry Emmerson, feel that we have established a firm reputation within the Construction industry as a due-diligent Electrical Sub-contractor.

Realizing that our customers are our priority, I also wanted our employees to know that family is equally important and treating them as family is paramount to me.

As in any successful business, you are only as good as the people around you, which is why we have been so successful, with growth each year.

We have a low turnover.  Due to the positive work environment we provide for the electricians we employ.  Our pride in the installation stems from developing an appreciation for the tradesperson, that takes pride in his/her work.

With our commitment to our employees, it makes it very easy to provide the level of service that the Owners, General Contractors are expecting when Provincial Electrical is part of the team.

We look forward to providing our team approach on your next project!


Terry Emmerson